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I believe my work speaks for itself. Browse my most recent projects
below and enjoy my handmade work with love and passion for every detail. – Online Lékáreň – Online + Retail Pharmacies Stores
Pilulka Drogherie Romania
Garamond – Tiskneme Pozitivně
Květiny Expres
Oskar Salon Hair Creation
Farmářské Trhy Na Kulaťáku
Nauticam Innovation Underwater
Pražské Lahůdkářství Sváček
Kurýrní služby a přeprava zásilek Airway s.r.o.
Advokátní kancelář Vejmelka & Wünsch, s.r.o.
REALITY A-Z s.r.o.

Pride, Power, Badass

“I see pride, I see power, I see a badass motherfucker who doesn’t take no crap from nobody!”
The motto from my favorite film Cool Runnings accompanies me most of my life, and I also let it print on our company sports jerseys. It should encourage my colleagues in the most challenging moments when they are exposed to great stress and pressure from customers.

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Work-Life Balance

To effectively manage work, it is essential to properly balance the time invested in work, family, and hobbies. My biggest hobbies are Obstacle Course Racing, Extreme Running, Mountain Biking, Winter Skiing, Fitness and Travelling. Let’s have a fun together!


OCR Obstacle Course Running

Extreme Running

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OCR Obstacle Course Running

Extreme Running

Mountain Biking

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Do you like any sports or active life style? Feel free to contact me and let’s have a training together or just friendly talk. I always trying to be positive and fresh!

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